Security Services

This service provides a variety of security services as a la carte options that secure users and data, and enhance your security posture. We help you solve common problems without the need to build your own security team or manage platforms. Leverage our expertise and experience to protect and educate your users while better securing your environment. We implement best-practice security approaches to reduce risk and protect your sensitive information. Protection is available for remote access to your network, for data moving in and out of your network, and for data that must be retained. We can help train your users about security risks and how to identify and avoid them, as well as alert them to key risk or crisis events. Reporting on security metrics and user outcomes is available.

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Flexibility in selecting solutions that meet the needs of your business
  • Eliminates the need to manage solutions at the customer location
  • Leverage our experienced team to manage and maintain services
  • Leverage common solutions for consistent results
  • Integrations with other technology services from SunStream

Detailed Description

Multifactor Authentication

User administration, provisioning, documentation and support are fully managed via SunStream. Remote Access services must already be in place.

  • Initial setup includes
    • Initial Active Directory integration
    • User provisioning
    • User roll-out support
  • Smartphone Token
    • The Gemalto MobilePass+ application installs on the user’s smartphone
    • The app supports push-notifications for login validation, as well as token codes
    • App installs through MDM platforms like AirWatch or direct from App Stores
  • Optional Physical Token
    • Key fob which contains a small display
    • Displayed token code changes every 60 seconds
    • Tokens have a 3 year life-span
  • Remote Access platforms supported
    • Checkpoint Client VPN access
    • Juniper Pulse access portal
  • Active Directory integration
    • Requires a connector server in your environment if you manage your own Active Directory forest
  • Extendable integration
    • The platform can integrate with other systems to provide enhanced security

Security Awareness Training

Provides web-based training on security topics. The training can be delivered quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Twenty-six lessons are available and can be selected a la carte. Topics include phishing, physical security, insider threats, travel security, data protection, dangerous attachments, mobile devices, protected health information (PHI), safe web browsing, social engineering and more. Training completion reports are available.

Phishing testing is also provided to assess your staff’s awareness of typical email-based social engineering. Phishing email templates are provided and can be customized. Test messages are sent to your staff, responses are tracked and reported, and clicking on links leads to a “teachable moment” website with training reminders.

Data Loss Prevention

User administration, provisioning, documentation and support are fully managed via SunStream. Provides data loss prevention for email and web browsing. Supports monitoring of encrypted (https) and unencrypted (http) traffic. Supports a wide range of file formats and data types. Configurable rules determine data that is evaluated and what action to take (log the activity, warn the user or block the activity). User activity reporting and alerting is available.

VPN site-to-site services are required. Functionality is bundled in the firewall package. For email data loss prevention SunStream must be hosting email services.

Web Access Filtering

User administration, provisioning, documentation and support are fully managed via SunStream. Filtering is based on 170 different categories and can be customized to your specific needs and requirements. Activity reporting is available on request.

VPN site-to-site services are required. Functionality is bundled in the firewall package.

Mass Notification (Everbridge MNS)

User administration, provisioning, documentation and initial training for staff and managers is provided. Once configured, user information updates are self-service. Named organization contacts can send messages to the organization. Options for single-sign-on integration via ADFS with your Active Directory infrastructure are available to provide easy access for users. Reporting is available for received messages, notification confirmations and user polling.

Forensic Disk Imaging

Create a forensic image of a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone to preserve all data on the device. Preservation may be necessary as part of a legal-hold or other proceeding. Images are produced in a format that is compatible with the leading eDiscovery platforms, and includes chain of custody documentation. Storage media is included for data transfer.

Note that disk imaging is a data preservation activity. The process will not break unknown passwords or decrypt encrypted documents. Imaging of mobile devices requires the PIN or passcode used to unlock the device.

Business Service Manager

Paul Jacoby

Security Officer

(651) 282-8627