​LockBox Processing

Lockbox Processing provides for the handling of high-volume client payments through the use of an outside vendor. This service offers specialized SunStream Business Services accounting staff to handle exception processing, research items and maintain the vendor relationship. SunStream requires data file transfer and interface processing services to be purchased by those customers managing their own lockbox vendor relationship.

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Centralized transaction processing for high-volume client payments
  • Timely processing of payments as mail is received multiple times throughout the day at the vendor location
  • Knowledgeable and specialized accounting staff to efficiently handle processing of exception items
  • Vendor liaison for payment processing and banking activities
  • Adherence to operational procedures for proper application of payments
  • Control of incoming cash payment activity
  • Friendly customer service for research requests and payment inquiries
  • Continuous process improvement through enhancements and automation

Business Service Manager

Scott Malm

Manager, Loan Accounting

(651) 282-8728