Electronic Business

This product provides a variety of offerings enabling our customers to offer Internet account access to their customers. This offering includes:

  • Online banking
  • Cash management solutions
  • 800-444-FARM
  • Mobile banking apps

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Ability for our customers to offer different cash management options to their customers
  • Access for retail customers to online banking transactions and inquiry 24/7 via a secure Internet site
  • Smartphone and tablet apps made specifically for mobile devices allowing fast access to account information using the device's built-in functions
  • Mobile banking apps are supported on iPhone and Android​ smartphone devices and iPad tablet devices
  • One common 800 number to route customer calls to the proper customer location
  • Access to online banking that includes self-service transaction functionality with customer-specific branding throughout the visitor's experience
  • Access to professional, experienced staff, including access to SunStream's Service Desk
  • On-Site Support – Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central time

Detailed Description

Online Banking – The Online Banking service provides 24/7 Internet access, allowing convenient customer access to:

  • Loan, lease and related services information, including draft information, customer statements and bills, loan rate notices and interest paid information
  • Self-enrollment for retail customers
  • Ability for our customers to manage retail customers' access via a permission maintenance application
  • Initiation of payments and disbursements from customer accounts via ACH
  • Initiate payments to customer loan accounts using a desktop scanner
  • Ability to initiate wires (with appropriate access)
  • Access to observation data

Mobile Banking App – A smartphone and tablet app made specifically for mobile devices. With the mobile device you can:

  • View account balance information
  • Transfer funds
  • View draft images
  • Make payments with supported Android and iPhone devices
  • Make payments to loan accounts simply by snapping a picture of a check

Cash Management Tools – This service provides additional cash management tools:

  • Draft management (stop payment)
  • ACH file imports
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Positive pay
  • Wire transfers

800-444-FARM – All calls made to 800-444-FARM are routed to the proper branch location based on the area code and prefix of the call.

Business Service Manager

Patti Plash

Product Manager

(651) 282-8328