Specialized Loan Accounting Services

This service provides back office loan/lease accounting services and includes these services:

  • Disbursement and payment application processing, including wire payment origination
  • Participation and syndication loan processing
  • Lease payment processing
  • Communication with credit staff/lead lenders/outside participants
  • Cash settlement processes with CoBank and outside of District investors
  • Loan maintenance/repricing and fee processing and sharing
  • High-risk loan accounting
  • Asset pool and other specialized accounting services as needed
  • General ledger transactions necessary to support loan activity

Service Value and Key Benefits

  • Allow customers to focus on their customers and allow specialized accounting staff to properly account for their loans
  • Streamline participation loan accounting for multiple District participants, allowing a more efficient and cost effective solution
  • Outside of District loan system participation notifications
  • Centralized payment processing solution with staff expertise
  • Reconciliation of daily loan activity

Business Service Manager

Scott Malm

Manager, Loan Accounting

(651) 282-8728